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22 July 2022  - Masking up for the start of Term Three 

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Welcome back to the start of Term Three.

As you may well be aware, fresh advice from the Health Ministry about the rising levels of COVID-19 back in the community has made Schools consider their stance on staff and students wearing face masks at School.

In addition, we have found in previous years that there is an increase in winter illnesses in the School at the start of Term Three as students can come back with infections after the holiday period. This year, not only are cases of COVID-19 increasing in most parts of the country, but we are also seeing high numbers of other winter illnesses.  

The MOE and Ministry of Health strongly recommend that all schools amend their mask policy for the first few weeks of Term Three to require mask wearing in all indoor settings (where it will not have a significant impact on teaching and learning – see below) for students and staff in Years 4 and above.  

This recommendation does not include any situation where mask-wearing might not be practicable, such as while eating and drinking, playing certain musical instruments, indoor sport, where it will have a significant impact on teaching and learning (for example, students with particular learning needs), certain activities such as singing or drama performance on stage, and PE. In these situations, particular attention should be paid to ensuring there is good ventilation during the activity, and physical distancing where practicable. 

Wearing masks can reduce new cases of the virus by as much as 53%. It works alongside other measures including vaccination, good ventilation, staying home when sick, hand washing and other hygiene measures, to protect our students and staff.  

We know that some of our students are exempt from wearing a mask. If they have an exemption card or a letter from their health provider, or we have agreed that mask-wearing is not practicable for them, we will support them to not wear a mask. 

Please make sure that students come to School ready to wear masks from Monday 25th July 2022. Students should bring masks from home. If students cannot bring masks from home, there will be a supply of masks for students. 

Note that masks are to be worn by students aged 12 and above on school and public buses.

We will reassess this situation at the end of Week Two of Term Three and provide further advice.

Thank you for your support in protecting our School community. 

Ngā mihi nui, Trevor BarmanHeadmaster

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