Heritage & Special Character

We treasure our links with the past – and the students, as a result, build a sense of pride and an understanding of their special place in the school’s history.

Not every school has the same depth of history that we do and once you're a Hereworth Old Boy, or the first of the Hereworth Old Girls, you're always one of us. And the friendships the students forge whilst here will remain with them for life.

Our Heritage

The story of Hereworth is also the story of two other schools: Heretaunga, founded in Hastings in 1882 before moving to our current site in 1913; and Hurworth, founded in Wanganui in 1901. These two schools merged in 1927 to form Hereworth.

The founder and first Headmaster (Mr HE Sturge) wanted the school to educate the whole boy, where classroom programmes gave boys an opportunity for them to be boys, to learn about and appreciate their environment and to be able to serve their community with all the qualities and traits of a gentleman who knows right from wrong.

The qualities we continue to develop in the present generation of boys (and in 2023, girls) attending Hereworth are based on traditional values. It is never too young to learn these skills and the school expects all boys and girls from Year 1 to Year 8 to be caring, thoughtful and inquisitive and to serve others. The school also encourages boys and girls to be creative, responsible and more than anything else, to be themselves. This way, they can enjoy the challenges of their youth.


Some things haven’t changed much over the years – Hereworth students have always been encouraged to get involved in some healthy competition!

Best Years Of Their Lives

The mudslide – a Hereworth tradition!

The House System

Hereworth’s house system has always been a part of the school, and our houses are named after past Hereworth Masters.

Special Character

We are an Anglican School and under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Waiapu. Our special character is what sets us apart from many and revolves around our Chapel – the St James’ Chapel and our spirituality in the Christian faith.

The Chapel is an iconic part of our school and stands proudly on the Chapel Hill. The Chapel, which was opened in 1960, was gifted by the HB Williams family in memory of their son JN Williams who was an Old Boy of Hereworth who was killed in action in 1942 whilst serving for the RNZAF.

Our Chaplain leads daily services for all staff and students and we also hold regular family services throughout the term that all students are expected to attend. Our Old Boy & Girl community uses the Chapel for weddings and baptisms.

Diocese of Waiapu

Hereworth is proud to have a long and strong association with the Anglican Diocese of Waiapu, dating back to 1927.

Anglican Schools

Anglican Schools are part of a network of schools under the Anglican Church, supported by the Anglican Schools Office. The network includes 10 schools in Polynesia, 2 Māori schools and 34 Pākeha schools, providing a point of connection with the Church in all three tikanga.

For more information, please visit: Anglican Schools Office