Primary School -Years 0 - 3

Your child’s first school will be one of the most important and influential choices you make for them. At Hereworth, our philosophy will give your child the foundation they needs for a lifetime of learning.

So how is Hereworth different? Firstly, our teaching staff are experts in teaching young children.  They understand how children learn and what makes them want to learn, and they take great care to provide an inspiring environment in which both boys and girls will learn the skills they need to succeed.

Secondly, Hereworth students enjoy deliberately small class sizes.  This means more individualised attention in these critical early years of formal learning.  Our teachers spend more one-on-one time with your child to offer all-important guidance and support.

Thirdly, we keep a close eye on your child’s development. Each and every Hereworth student has their learning progress carefully monitored and where necessary, extra time is spent dealing with any learning speed bumps.  Young children need focused attention, especially in the early years, and we provide it.

It’s More Than Just Classroom Learning

We know that children of all ages need plenty of time to burn off energy and engage in healthy physical activity that challenges them and teaches them team skills.

Sport is an integral part of Hereworth life and our junior classes are actively involved in after school sports. Unique to Hereworth is our swimming programme, which gives water safety and swimming instruction to all juniors for the full school year.

Our students also take part in music and drama, and have the option of undertaking additional music tuition with our experienced visiting tutors.

We firmly believe that it is particularly important in today’s society to instil in all children from a young age a good sense of morals and values. We work hard to ensure our students appreciate the values that will serve them well throughout their lives: respect, good morals, manners, compassion and self-discipline.

Junior Timetable

At Hereworth we blend the best of modern and traditional teaching practices to deliver a curriculum that is focused on meeting the specific learning needs of children in the early years of their education. The timetable gives our juniors critical one-on-one time with their teacher in the core curriculum areas of literacy and maths. Learning in the specialist areas gives them the variety they need to keep them engaged, and provides a broad-based education that you won’t find at any other primary school.

Across the whole school. the learning programme is designed to bring out the best in every child, allowing each to find his own areas of strength.

Before and After School Care

The Hereworth school day is 8.10am to 3.00pm. We understand though that parents are busy with work and other commitments. To help, we provide free before-school care from 8.00am and after school until 4.30pm. And there’ll be no more packing lunch boxes either! We provide morning and afternoon tea and lunch daily, ensuring their bodies and brains are well-nourished and ready for learning.

Staff Members

Mrs Tania Potts

Years 0-1 Teacher

Mrs Megs Small

Years 1-2 Teacher

Mrs Pip Robinson

Year 3 Teacher

Small Class Sizes

Hereworth students enjoy deliberately small class sizes. This means they get more individualised attention which helps their development and our juniors thrive in this environment.  Our teachers spend more one-on-one time with your child to offer that all-important guidance and support.

Expert Teaching Staff

Our caring and experienced teaching staff are all experts in teaching young children; they understand how boys and girls learn and what makes them want to learn. They take great care to provide the inspiring environment in which our students want to learn the skills to succeed at school. 

Individual Attention

We keep a close eye on each child's development, carefully monitoring individual learning progress and where necessary, extra time is spent dealing with any learning speed bumps.  All children need focused attention, especially in the early years, and we provide it.

Active Learning

Active learning makes for better learning. At Hereworth, the Junior School’s core curriculum focuses on developing reading, writing and maths skills. We also create a blend of learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom as this is crucial in the development of young minds.

On the school grounds, the students work in teams on activities such as scavenger hunts, map reading, building huts, and even building a campfire to cook themselves sausages for morning tea!

Specialist Teaching

Speaking of a passion for what we do, all our staff embrace the Hereworth ethos. They respect our traditions. They support our approach to learning, and they take personal satisfaction in seeing your child succeed.

Our teaching staff know the importance of maintaining a vibrant and exciting environment in the classroom at all times. Smaller class sizes are an advantage, but so, too, is the fact that Hereworth adopts a project-based, task-oriented approach to teaching.

And to ensure we provide a rounded and balanced view, we employ specialist teachers who support the learning journey by providing teaching in subjects such as Art, Drama, Science, Technology and Hauora (Physical Education).

When Can My Child Start?

​​​​​​​In line with Ministry of Education requirements, children are only able to start at Hereworth after they have turned five years old.