Intermediate School - Years 7-8

The Senior years at Hereworth are built around the cornerstones of the school: Academic, Sport, Culture, Social and Boarding. The curriculum becomes increasingly specialised with Literacy, Mathematics and Social Science joined by classes in Technology, Art, Science, Music, Drama, Hauora and Languages (Te Reo Māori) with our specialist teaching staff.

Hereworth students are very well prepared for life at College or High School. They are used to moving between classes and working with a wide range of teachers, and their Year 7 and 8 exams help them learn the invaluable skills of reading and responding to questions and effectively managing their time in an exam situation.

Staff are focused on developing the whole child – the learner; the sportsperson; the chorister; the musician; the global citizen…the list is endless but we strive to equip both boys and girls with the skills and strategies they will need to thrive beyond the Hereworth gates.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Opting out is not an option for Hereworth’s senior students; they are all expected to try everything, from auditioning for the choir to taking part in Oral English and Speech competitions, and representing the school in sport. This gives all of our students the opportunity to be seen in their personal area of strength by our teaching staff who also lead these extra activities.


Leadership skills are developed and while being made a Prefect or House Captain in Year 8 is the ultimate accolade, most students will step into a leadership role as a squad leader, or as a dorm leader in the boarding house. Students who have passion or leadership in a specific area get the opportunity to work as a ‘manager’ in that area. Badges and Colours are awarded. They are highly sought after, and worn on blazers as symbols of recognition and achievement.

Staff Members

Mrs Kate Field

Year 8 Teacher

Deputy Head (Wellbeing and Pastoral Care)

Mr Andy Wilson

Year 8 Teacher

Mr Ian Scott

Year 8 Teacher

Mrs Tracey Kinloch-Jones

Year 8 Teacher

Mrs Gill Unger

Year 7 Teacher

Mr Neil McCorkell

Year 7 Teacher

Miss Annie MacKellow

Year 7 Teacher

Ms Vanessa Kay

Year 7 Teacher

Specialist Teachers

The students benefit from Science, Technology, Art, Music, Drama, Hauora and Languages (Te Reo Māori) all being taught by specialist teachers who are experts in their field.

Hereworth Pride

Our expectations of Hereworth students are high. Manners are paramount, self-discipline is instilled and uniform is worn with pride. Competition is considered healthy and success is celebrated: Both Hereworth boys and girls know how lucky they are to attend such a unique school!

Reaching for the stars

Our aim is to help these young men and women to reach their potential, to have a fulfilling experience in their finaltwo years at Hereworth, and to prepare them for the years ahead, in both secondary school and beyond.