Frequently Asked Questions

What time does school start?


What time does school finish and what nights are sports practices?

Years 0 - 3 
Monday & Wednesday sports practices until 4.00pm (not compulsory).  If students are not playing sport then school finishes at 3.00pm.

School finishes at 3.00pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Years 4 - 8
Monday & Wednesday sports practices until  4.15pm finish (compulsory).  Students also shower after sport during Term 2/3, so pick up is usually closer to 4.30pm in winter terms.

Thursday is Optional Sports.  Students must register for this and remain committed on a term by term basis, 4.15pm finish.  Otherwise, for students not registered for this, it is a 3.00pm finish.

Tuesday & Friday school finishes at 3.00pm.

If it’s a wet day can I pick my child up early if a sports day?

Yes - if they are in Years 0 - 3
No - if they are in Years 4 - 8. Boys and girls return to class and are free to go after 4.00pm. They do not go home early on wet days.

If my child is off sport due to injury can they come home at 3.00pm?

Yes - if they are in Years 0 - 3.
No - if they are in Years 4 - 8. All off sport children go to the off sport teacher and are free to go after 4.00pm.

Does my child have to play Saturday sport for the school?

Yes they do. If you are going to be away, permission must be given by the coach of his team and early notification is essential.

Can my child stay at school overnight?

All of our day boys in Years 4 - 8 are able to utilise the boarding house during the week or weekend. Casual boarding is offered, although space cannot be guaranteed, with only a minimal charge per night. We currently do not have this option available for girls, but will be adding an entirely new girl's boarding house in the new future, which will make this an option moving forward.

How many Sunday Chapel Services does my child have to attend?

Students from Year 4 must attend 1 Sunday Chapel Service per term. Students in Years 5 - 8 must attend two Sunday Chapels per term. They may choose which ones suit their family requirements best.

Do you have school buses?

Yes, we have two buses from Napier and Taradale. They arrive at school at 8.00am and depart 4.40pm Monday - Thursday and 3.15pm Friday.

Is food provided at school?

Yes, all food/drink is provided at school and the cost is part of your tuition fees. This includes morning/afternoon tea and lunch. If your child has special requirements (e.g. coeliac, gluten free) our kitchen can usually cater for this provided they are advised.

Can my child join the Choir?

Each year all students from Year 5 upwards audition for the Choir. Singers are then selected from these auditions at the discretion of the Director of Performing Arts.

If my child goes away on an overnight sports trip where will they stay?

We have reciprocal arrangements with other Prep Schools where their parents billet our students and we do the same when they visit here. We provide transport (buses) for these trips and boys are expected to travel with the team.

For girls in 2023, we will be revisiting this system. The wellbeing of your daughter remains our highest priority.

How do I keep up to date with what’s happening at the school each week?

Every Friday afternoon you will be sent a newsletter titled “The Week Ahead”. This gives a breakdown of happenings in the School for the coming week, while also recapping what happened in the current week. This newsletter will keep you up-to-date so that you never miss any important notifications or events.

All sports information including Saturday sports fixtures can be found on the Sports page on the website.

How can I contact a member of staff if I have a query?

All teaching staff can be contacted by email using the format

You can also contact the reception area via email at if you which to talk to someone else, or to arrange an appointment.