Boarding is a key feature of life at Hereworth and we’ve spent decades perfecting this home away from home. The boarding house is located in the heart of the school, and our boarders thrive in an environment that allows them to explore, and to enjoy some quiet time when it’s needed.

While boarding is only available for boys at the moment, we will be adding a girl's boarding house in the future. 

A Home Away from Home

Spacious, sunny and friendly, the boarding house is located at the heart of the school.

Our staff understand the support structures our students need in their academic and personal lives, ensuring a safe, friendly and happy place to call home. Our boys know there is always a friendly face around for them to talk to about anything they have on their minds.

A Range of Options Available

We offer a range of options to families, with both full-time and 5-day boarding available. Casual options are also available for day students, but places can’t be guaranteed and a minimal charge applies.

Our pupils enjoy roomy communal living areas and cosy dorms to relax in. They can also access the school’s on-site facilities – the art room, computers, technology block, library, and our spectacular grounds where the timeless pleasure of exploring is encouraged.

Food and Feedback

Delicious meals are enjoyed in the school dining room, where meal times are sociable and good manners are taught and expected as part of the Hereworth way. Our dedicated team of catering staff produces healthy, nutritious food and menus are varied regularly, taking the students’ feedback on board to tweak what’s on offer. It really is a home away from home.

Watch the boarding video the boys have made!

So Much To Do

During the week, it is a busy life at Hereworth; clear boundaries and high expectations abound. Good routines are established in the boarding house, and the boys quickly learn to be independent and self-managing: our boys have purpose. 

Enjoying Their Own Space

After school, sport, and during weekends, our students enjoy vital 'downtime' to relax and enjoy their own space. They can play sport, bike, and play in the school grounds, or read and play games in the common room.

On-Site Activities

Life at Hereworth is a bit of an adventure. Our students have access to tennis courts, sports fields, cricket nets, a swimming pool, scooter ramps, a water slide, a slide and playing areas. Only boarders have access to Scout’s Gully – a favourite bushland spot to explore.

Wellbeing & Pastoral Care

At Hereworth pastoral care is ingrained in everything we do. We consciously focus on ensuring our students have the right levels of support for their academic and personal lives – in and out of school hours.

Our boarders are fully integrated with day pupils in their daily school pursuits and at the end of a busy school day they return to the boarding house, which is a safe, friendly and happy place to all home.

Hereworth’s entire staff works collaboratively, meeting regularly to ensure that our energetic and highly motivating programmes are tailored to meet the students’ needs.

In the boarding house, our students are also encouraged to contribute their feedback on culture, so we can keep improving it to suit its current residents.

For international students, we take pride in giving all of our boarding boys a home away from home by enabling regular contact with families back home and maintaining regular formal and informal contact with our boys and their families.

We carefully monitor the welfare of all our students, providing a firm but friendly environment where the boys feel safe, know where to seek help, and are constantly supported by all staff. We let them cherish their childhood.

Boarding Staff

The Director Of Boarding, Mr Ian Scott, has been with Hereworth for over 30 years,  making him the perfect person to ensure our boys are supported in their academic and pastoral lives.

Our Boarding House carers reside onsite in the boarding house, so our students know exactly who to contact in any given situation. And with the boarding residence being at the heart of the school, all of our Hereworth staff and tutors regularly spend time getting to know our boys to help them settle in and progress.

Plus, the Headmaster also has a house on school grounds.

The end result - Our boarding students are surrounded by positive, supportive and caring staff at all times while at Hereworth School.

Mr Ian Scott

Director of Boarding

Health and Wellbeing

Medical and Dental Care is Readily Available

Students have access to 24/7 medical care via trained Boarding House staff in the fully-equipped sickbay.  If required, staff have access to an on-call doctor. Boys also attend regular dental visits in the village.

Communication between staff and families is constant, so families are kept informed of events, activities, progress or issues.