Contribute To Our Future

There are a number of ways you can contribute to Hereworth’s future, and all gifts are recognised and valued greatly, whether large or small.

Ways to Donate

Regular Giving

A popular way of donating to the school is through the Annual Giving Programme. This allows our supporters to plan and manage their donations within the framework of their regular living costs, and is a wonderful way for Old Boys or families to give something back to the school. Some parents establish this pattern early and then pass on the responsibility of donating to their children, once they are earning. You can download a giving form or contact our Foundation Co-ordinator by email to discuss your gifting.

Capital Gifts

Capital gifts are vital to the continued building and maintenance of Hereworth’s excellent facilities. They are of particular relevance when the school is seeking to undertake a “project of significance”. If you are interested in donating a capital gift please contact our Foundation Co-ordinator by email to discuss the gifting options most suited to you.

Capital gifts may be a one-off contribution or several spread over 3-5 years by way of a pledge. They enable the Board to plan large projects with some certainty. The tax credits for these gifts are available in the year of payment.


Bequests are gifts specified in a person’s will. This is another wonderful way to make a lasting gift to the school, acknowledging the difference Hereworth has made in one’s life. Such a donation is a very personal and thoughtful decision. If a bequest is intended, it would be appreciated if the school was informed so the donors can be thanked and acknowledged discreetly during their lifetime. If you would like to discuss a bequest, you can contact our Foundation Co-ordinator in complete confidence on 06 877 8138, or by email.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Hereworth offers a number of scholarships and bursaries to deserving children, awarding many with an opportunity of a lifetime. These are funded by a variety of sources, and Hereworth is always delighted to speak with potential scholarship donors. Please contact the Foundation Co-ordinator by email to discuss such an opportunity further, or use the form below to make a donation to the scholarships fund.