People at Hereworth

The staff at Hereworth have been hand-picked to create a positive learning environment for our boys and girls. We all work together to provide a community that is open, respectful and welcoming to everyone at school.

Senior Leadership Team

Mr Matt Allen


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Mrs Kate Field

Deputy Head (Wellbeing & Pastoral Care)

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Mr Thomas Primrose

Deputy Head (Teaching & Learning)

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Teaching Staff

Mrs Tania Potts

Class: Year 0-1

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Mr Jon Lovell

Class: Year 4/5

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Mr Scott Niehorster

Class: Year 6

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Mr Neil McCorkell

Class: Year 7

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Mrs Megs Small

Class: Year 1/2

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Mrs Delwyn McLeod

Class: Year 5

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Mrs Gill Unger

Class: Year 7

​​​​​​​Literacy Curriculum Leader

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Miss Annie MacKellow

Class: Year 7

Social Sciences Curriculum Leader

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Mrs Pip Robinson

Class: Year 3

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Mrs Stacey  Clarkson

Class: Year 6

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Mrs Vanessa Kay

Class: Year 7

Math Curriculum Leader

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Mrs Kate Field

Class: Year 8

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Mrs Tracey Kinloch-Jones

Class: Year 8

Digitech Curriculum Leader

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Mr Andy Wilson

Class: Year 8

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Mr Ian Scott

Class: Year 8

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Mrs Joanne Stevens

Director of Music & Performing Arts

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Miss Molly Munro

Director of Visual Arts & Technology

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Mrs Laura Maloney

Visual Arts 

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Mr Tom Hill


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Mrs Jenny Foote

Learning Support Coordinator

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Mrs Nicky Hanaray

Learning Support

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Mr Scott Jensen

Director of Sports

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Mrs Lee Lennox

Religious Education

Mr Thomas Primrose

Science Curriculum Leader

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Mrs Lauren Woodhead

Art Specialist

The Venerable John Matthews

Acting Chaplain / Board Member

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Pastoral and Boarding Staff

​​​​​​​Mr Ian Scott

Director of Boarding

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Mrs Kate Field

Deputy Head (Wellbeing & Pastoral Care)

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Administration and Department Staff

Mrs Kodee Green


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Mrs Jill Simister

Accounts & Admin Co ordinator

Mr Mark Weir

Director of Community Engagement Marketing and Communication

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Miss Rhiannon Edwards


Mr Paolo Pancotti

Catering Manager

Ms Nicola Pentelow

Executive Assistant & Director of Enrolments

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Mr Dave McCurran


Mr Phil Chandler

Finance & Operations Manager

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