Why Choose Hereworth?

We inspire, engage and challenge our students, arming them with a solid educational foundation, so they leave Hereworth ready for the challenges of any secondary school – and beyond.

Make the Best Decision for Your Child

At Hereworth, we let every child be themselves - focusing on their potential by developing their confidence within a firm, fair, friendly and fun environment. We nourish their spirit – and we help them to enjoy and celebrate these important, early days.

Your choice of school for your child will be one of the most important and influential choices you make for them. You want the best for them, and want to make sure that they will discover their strengths in a supportive environment with teachers who give them the individual attention they deserve. Hereworth School will give your child all this and more.


A Hereworth student is never short on something to do outside the classroom!  With 22 acres of grounds, well-equipped sports sheds and an enthusiastic and supportive teaching staff, our boys and girls are always on the move.


We encourage healthy competition and the Hereworth House system and competitive sports allow our students to develop a strong sense of collegiality and even stronger friendships.


At Hereworth we celebrate the spirit of our boys and girls, and fully support them in having fun in every aspect of school life.

We Understand How Children Learn, Play and Grow

Everything we do at Hereworth is designed to enhance your child’s learning, living and social skills during the incredibly important years of five through to thirteen. There’s a reason why this is called primary education – because it’s of primary importance to how and what your child learns. Children are often misunderstood and labelled as ‘naughty’, ‘challenging’ or ‘lacking concentration’: We understand that all children need space, they need challenges and they need to be active learners.

We have a school where children are encouraged to be themselves, where they aren’t afraid to speak up and ask questions.

The guiding principles of our school are based around ‘The Four Fs’ – Firm, Fair, Friendly and Fun.


This relates to the boundaries we believe all children need in their life and learning. A child who understands their parameters knows where they are going.


Fairness is a fundamental feature of Hereworth life. Most children have an innate sense of fairness, and we aim to address and respect this in all we do.


The Hereworth community is warm and welcoming. It is unpretentious too – we tell it how it is – as good friends should. We live in a friendly and respectful environment both in and out of the classroom.


We all enjoy life at Hereworth. We believe it is important that both our boys and our girls have fun in all they do. After all, your school days are supposed to be the best days of your life!

What We Offer Your Child

We provide small classes where programmes and activities can be tailored to meet your child’s specific needs. We celebrate success, treat everyone fairly and we like structure and boundaries because people know where they stand.

We actively encourage each child to work to the best of their ability. Whether your child needs extension, nurturing or stimulation, we cater for them by making learning enjoyable and relevant. We understand that every child is special.

We also understand the pace of change and embrace innovation and the challenges it brings. We will encourage your child to explore exciting new possibilities, setting them on the path to being a confident, connected, lifelong learner with well-considered Christian and moral values.

Participation is mandatory across all aspects and every day is stimulating and exciting. We tap into a child’s sense of wonder and curiosity in the world around them.