Scholarship applications for 2024 are now closed.

To be able to send a son or daughter to Hereworth is a gift for life.  Making lifelong friends, learning strong traditions and values, and becoming a Hereworth Old Boy or Old Girl - these are things to treasure. 

As one of the leading independent preparatory schools in New Zealand, Hereworth offers an environment where hard work, honesty, integrity, good character and excellence are encouraged.  We are committed to being accessible, giving opportunities to students with great character, who will contribute positively to our school culture.

Scholarship recipients share their talents, encourage others around them and demonstrate that they will contribute positively to society beyond Hereworth. Students who take up the opportunity of a scholarship need to understand that such an opportunity brings responsibilities – to Hereworth, their families and themselves.

Don’t miss an incredible opportunity to positively influence your child’s future and help them reach their potential.

Scholarships for boys and girls entering Hereworth in 2024 have now been finalised.  Information about scholarships available for those seeking places in 2025 will be available soon.