Hereworth is an independent school and recovers costs through the annual setting of fees. Our fees cover tuition, lunch, morning and afternoon tea, and after-school sports practice.

Payment Schedule

Fees are usually paid monthly over the ten month period February to November, although arrangements for weekly payments can be made.

Disbursements for additional expenditures such as stationery, music lessons, private sports coaching, class camps etc. are charged to pupils’ accounts, which are submitted monthly.

Family Discount

A discount of 10% is given on the second sibling attending Hereworth concurrently. If three or more siblings are enrolled concurrently the 10% family discount applies to each child. The family discount applies to tuition and boarding fees only.

Our Fees

Fees are set annually in December for the following school year. Email the school office for a copy of the current fee schedule or call us on 06 877 8138.