The Multi-Sport Facility Fundraising Appeal

The future of Hereworth is here. You can help shape it

It's finally happening.

The construction of our brand new Multi-Sport Facility has commenced on School grounds. Years in the making, this latest addition to Hereworth will finally give our boys and girls an all-weather, world-class gymnasium to both learn and play in.

But it can't happen without your help, so we're asking for your assistance in helping to make the Multi-Sport Facility Fundraiser a success.

This is your chance to positively influence boys and girls for generations to come.

A School built by a Community, for a Community

As an independent school, we have a history of working with local families, Old Boys and parents to make sure we have always offered the best in modern facilities to help our students succeed.

From the St James’ Chapel to the Anna Stuck Performing Arts Centre, we’re incredibly grateful to families who donated, the students who helped, and the Old Boys who continue to give time and energy to the School.

As one of the few remaining independent schools in Hawkes Bay, we’ve always done it ourselves, supported by our community. That’s why we’re asking for your support in fundraising for this newest addition to the Hereworth grounds.

Why We Need You

The total cost of the Multi-Sport Facility is $3.8 million, and through the generosity of local families, students and Old Boys we have been fortunate enough to raise over $1 million toward this venture.

However, to complete the project by the end of 2023, we will need to borrow funds to achieve this goal. The money will need to be paid off as soon as possible to enable Hereworth School to be debt-free.

So we absolutely need your support. Any amount donated will be gratefully received, and will ensure the sustainability and growth of Hereworth School for years to come.

Introducing the Multi-Sport Facility

A new Hereworth destination

Located on the old basketball courts and with a viewing deck that overlooks our main cricket pitch, the Multi-Sport Facility is an essential upgrade to Hereworth's sporting facilities.


Sport and so much more -

Inside you'll find tennis courts, cricket nets, and enough space to play netball, hockey, and basketball. The Multi-Sport Facility also hosts two brand new classrooms and a full kitchen servery.

Features include -

  • A large multipurpose sports area to allow the playing of basketball, tennis, netball, volleyball and hockey.
  • Four dedicated and specially designed indoor cricket lanes for the development of this key sport within the School.
  • Two full size classrooms, as well as changing rooms and bathrooms for both boys and girls.
  • A specialist mezzanine area that overlooks the playing area, as well as a viewing deck that looks out onto our main cricket pitch.
  • A hosting area complete with kitchen and servery.

How to Donate to the Multi-Sport Facility

To date, we have received pledges in excess of $1 million towards the completion of this project.

We aim to raise a further $1 million to ensure the success of the Multi-Sport Facility.

If you would like to donate toward this appeal, ensuring future generations of Hereworth boys and girls benefit from your generosity for years to come, please click the button below.

Thank you for your help.