Thank you for choosing to donate to the Multi-Sport Facility Fundraising Appeal. Your generosity will impact our students for generations to come.

Please choose how you would like to donate from the three options below.

One Time Donation

If you would like to donate an amount larger than $2,000, please use this button and one of our team will get back in touch with you as soon as possible. Thank you.

Purchase items for the Multi-Sport Facility

Our brand new sporting arena is in need of some new equipment to make our sports come to life. If you would like to directly purchase something to benefit our boys and girls, please use the options below.

Basketball Hoops - Two full size basketball hoops will provide our boys and girls with quality equipment to dribble, pass and shoot their way to success.

Tennis Nets - purchase a net for our tennis teams of all skill levels to use.

Scoreboard - A digital scoreboard for use during prep fixtures and interhouse competitions.

Cricket Bowling Machines - Help keep our boys and girls sharp against fast bowling by donating one of four automatic bowling machines

Naming Rights

To have your name live on for generations at Hereworth School is an opportunity that rarely presents itself. Board Policy has set the naming rights for such a facility at a very high level, and we respect that few people are in a position to consider this.  

If you are serious about giving such a generous sum, please use the corresponding buttons to leave your details, whereby either the Chair or Headmaster will contact you personally to discuss.

Thank you for your enquiry.

The Building - If you would like your family name to be on the building itself, leaving a legacy for generations to come, please enquire using this button.

The Tennis Courts - Our two brand new tennis courts are high profile, high usage areas of the new sporting facility.

The Cricket Lanes - This essential Hereworth sport will be well serviced by four new cricket lanes.

Entertainment Foyer - This is the mezzanine floor function area that includes the outside deck.

The Hereworth School Trust Board is a registered charitable trust (CC33027)

Note - Individual donations will receive 33.33% tax credit on the amount given and companies may make tax deductions on donations. Donations may be made over a three year period.