In order to make the bus route more efficient so that your child can get to and from Hereworth in less time, a new bus route has been suggested for Term 3, 2023.

Please look at this new route below and then answer with your approval/disapproval and any further comments using the form at the bottom of this page.

With your feedback, we can make sure the bus routes are more efficient for all students moving forward.



7:15am            Terminus     Tennyson Street – Opposite Municipal Theatre

7:17am            Stop 1              Marewa Shops (Bus Stop)

7.19am            Stop 2             Kennedy Road (Napier City side of Ashcroft Street)

7:40am           Stop 5             Awatoto Rd – Outside Awatoto Public Golf Course

7:51am            Stop 6             Bus Stop – Opposite BP Clive

7.53am           Stop 7              Lawn Road – Matahiwi Marae Driveway

8.08am          Set Down       Hereworth School


4:30pm           Terminus     Hereworth School

4:41pm            Stop 1              Lawn Road – Opposite Matahiwi Marae Driveway

4:44pm           Stop 2              Bus Stop – Opposite BP Clive

4.51pm            Stop 3              Te Awa Ave

4:59pm           Stop 4              Marewa Shops (Georges Drive)

5:03pm           Stop 5              Thackeray St (opp Faradale Centre)

5.10pm            Stop 6              Bus Stop – Outside New World, Greenmeadows

5.13pm            Stop 7              Bus Stop – Gloucester Street (by Elbourne Street)

Key differences:

  • In the morning the bus starts at Tennyson Street. This means we can avoid Napier Hill and start the day a bit later, albeit due to current delays we would ensure this starts on time for the children to arrive at school in time for squads.
  • In the evening the major change is the bus takes a route from Te Awa through to the base of Napier Hill before travelling on to Taradale.

Aside from the later morning start for Napier Hill students, the key change is in the afternoon where the Napier Hill students benefit from significantly less time on the bus (for a small minority this means a drive to morning drop off or afternoon pick up point, or coordinating with other families to carpool). The slight downside is the Taradale students arrive home a little bit later, albeit there is a sense of fairness in that travel time across all students is shared.

Please use the form below to let us know your feedback on these changes.

Thank you for your time,

Phil Chandler.